Saturday, October 23, 2010

Women Give More to Charity

Jack Dikian

October 2010

A new study, called Women Give 2010, from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, found that women are more likely to give to charity than men.

According to the researcher’s Women Give 2010 is the first report to compare philanthropic giving between men and women across all income levels based on a nationally representative sample. Previous studies of gender and philanthropy have relied on data related to giving by households and married couples, making the effects of gender on giving difficult to identify.

The study found that in every income bracket except for one, women give more than men. The most dramatic differences being in the lowest, middle, and highest brackets where women give almost double the amount of men.

Charities (non-for-profits) may see this as a reminder to pay closer attention to the philanthropic power of women and the importance of developing fundraising strategies that will appeal to their priorities.

The full report is available at:

About the Women’s Philanthropy Institute The Women’s Philanthropy Institute furthers the understanding of women’s philanthropy through research, education, and knowledge dissemination.

About the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University is a leading academic center dedicated to increasing the understanding of philanthropy and improving its practice worldwide through research, teaching, training and public affairs programs in philanthropy, fundraising, and management of nonprofit organizations.

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