Saturday, October 23, 2010

Puzzle Habits of Men and Women

Jack Dikian
October 2010

Nintendo commissioned a recent study looking into the motivations, habits, and propensity of doing puzzles such as crosswords and Sudokus across gender with findings said to be somewhat surprising.

The study questioned 598 people, with equal numbers of men and women, on their puzzle habits finding that almost every adult (96 percent) has played a puzzle or brainteaser at some time.

According to this study, women were four (4) times more likely than men to admit to being compulsive puzzle players obsessed only with winning. On the other hand, more men than women said their motivation for completing puzzles was to keep themselves intellectually sharp.

Almost half that were surveyed described themselves as players who completed puzzles to keep themselves mentally active and exercise their brains.

  • · Some 14% confessed to being “Secret” puzzlers who played on the quiet.
  • · 12% percent were puzzlers who made a crossword last a week, often without finishing it.
  • · 11% are social players playing company.
  • · 7% would admit to being obsessed with winning.

Other studies have suggested that brainteasers and logic puzzles can help improve brain performance and retaining mental dexterity.

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