Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Psychology Of Luck

Jack Dikian

Jan 2004

A look at what people want, what they feel they never have enough of, and wonder whether they can make their own. We are talking about the simple concept of LUCK.

Work identifying characteristics of lucky people, the law of attraction, and descriptions citing how so called lucky people place emphasis and focus on the positive aspects of their life as - compared to people who consider themselves unlucky and are more likely to focus on negative thoughts and behaviors has been covered in the work of Marc Myers outlining myths about luck in his book How to Make Luck: 7 Secrets Lucky People Use to Succeed. There, a number of myths about luck is dispelled. For example, is good luck just another word for hard work and determination or can people improve their luck, by actively seeking to meet the “right” people.

I’m particularly interested in the question of whether people can influence good luck. Can people for example take some of the randomness out of being luck by taking a direct or a particular approach over certain life options.

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