Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another name for McDonalds

With McDonald’s re-naming some of its stores to Macca’s in an Australia Day promotional I was interested to see what others around the world call the famous fast food restaurant. Here are a few, though not necessarily official expressions.

McDonald’s is also known as the Golden Arches,

  • McDo (France)
  • MacDoh (Quebec)
  • MacDee (Indonesia)
  • McDonas (Mexico)
  • Mak Kee (Hong Kong)
  • McDee’s (New Zealand)
  • McD’s (Scotland)
  • Mackidannkan (Sweden)
  • Meki (Hungary)
  • Mec (Romania)
  • Mek (Holland)
  • MacDohNo (Khmer)
  • McDo (the Philippines)
  • Pat Panepinto Mart (Chile)

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