Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Social media on the toilet

After reading a report earlier today where a recent survey (the Yellow Social Media Report, published by Sensis in Australia) reveals, amongst other things that
  • 33% surveyed said they check social media first thing in the morning and 40% said they checked it as the last thing before bed, and
  • 5% of users said they had accessed social media in the bathroom, and another 5% said they had used it on the toilet.

I become curious as to the relative take-up of social media in various countries particularly after the large amount of noise created of the back of Facebook’s recent IPO (see illustration by O'Rilly Research). Interestingly it seems Turkey is now, according to ComScore the 3rd largest country using Facebook and likely to become the second biggest behind the US fairly soon. Here in Oz-land there are almost 8 Million of us using Facebook.

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