Monday, January 3, 2011

Date and Romantic Songs

Jack Dikian
January 2011

Women are twice as likely to accept a date from a stranger if they just heard a romantic song.

French researchers, Nicolas Guéguen and Céline Jacob from the Université de Bretagne-Sud and Lubomir Lamy from Université de Paris-Sud, studied the effects of romantic music on getting average-looking men a date.

An average looking male was chosen for the experiment and two songs 'Je l'aime à mourir', a well-known love song by French songwriter Francis Cabrel, and a neutral song 'L'heure du thé' by Vincent Delerm.

The experiment proceeded with 87 single females. Before entering a room to meet the average looking male and discuss 'the difference between two food groups" the females sat in an ante-room waiting for a few minutes. In the background, either the romantic song or the neutral song was playing.

Then the young women were escorted to the experimental room to discuss the two food groups. Afterward, the male was given a chance to ask the women if they would give him their number, so that he would call them up for a drink…

The women who heard the love song prior to the interview responded positively almost twice as much as those who heard the neutral song - 52 to 28 percent.

Several studies have already pointed to violent media bringing out aggressiveness and similar behaviors in its audience. These results support the idea that exposure to media content is not limited to violence and could have the potential to influence a high spectrum of behavior.

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